Jesus did it, so should we

No one condemned sin more than Jesus did, but at the same time no one showed more compassion towards the sinner than Jesus did, so much of what Jesus did he did not because he was the Son of God, but he did to show how much could be accomplished by a human being that had faith in God and was obedient to his will.

So if Jesus could love the sinner and hate the sin, as someone who was human like you or I, that must mean that its possible for us to do the same, there is a greater power and strength that lies beyond our own that we must tap into. There is a secret source of provision and guidance that we must learn to depend on.

 It once again goes back to a line from my favorite song that says “let what we do in here fill the streets out there” its all well and good to sing praises to God and enjoy the company and hospitality of one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. And we should absolutely develop a deep understanding of God’s word, I mean that is our source of truth, its vital to knowing God and his will. It is the absolute highest source of authority we have on earth, what is says supersedes any pastor, evangelist, pope, priest, missionary, guest speaker etc…. God breathed and inspired by the Holy Spirit. But we have to take ALL of that and we have to bring it to the world, those who are used by our greatest enemy are also those who most desperately need to see and experience that love and truth lived out that we almost take for granted. There will be plenty of time for preaching sermons, hosting banquets or concerts or special mens events or womens retreats ….but thats all stuff designed for US as believers, there is still much work to be done out there in the world. And I’m just talking about breaking through all the garbage from the world, I haven’t even mentioned anything about all those who are hurting and still lost because of the wrongs done to them by those who claimed to bear the same banner of Christ that we carry.

We have to show them with our actions that we are not the same, that we honestly believe our message enough to live it out….I know its not easy, its probably not too convenient either but I’m not really convinced that it’s supposed to be. I’m not saying we have to go all Joel Osteen on folks or be a modern day Mr Rogers,  we need to be real, we need to be authentic…people need to see proof that in our good days and bad days, our ups AND downs Christ is bringing us through, that our faith in Him is giving us a strength to carry on and to stay true to who we say we are at a time when the world, without the power of God in their lives, would simply give up.

And the great thing about the fact that Jesus did this during his time on earth, he did it all as a human that knows full well how difficult it is and he will gladly give us what we need to make it!!


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Who me? I'm just a passionate and deliberate follower of Jesus Christ, I happen to also be a technology enthusiast with 10 years of experience in the IT Industry, I seek to find the direction God is leading me in life, I hope to someday find a place to fulfill the calling he has placed on my life for ministry, in the meantime this is my corner of the Web to share what he has done and is doing, good, bad and in between View all posts by leeyokum

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