Created? For Real?

I can see how some may not think it worth much to care whether there is truly a creator or not, or if by cosmic chance and evolution we are here, but consider this, if there is no creator we just all “evolved over millions and millions of years” then we can do whatever we want in our life, nothing more than the immediate consequences and we get to decide whats truly right for us and whats wrong for us BUT if God is indeed real and is the creator of the heavens and the earth that changes EVERYTHING, because then the bible is true, cover to cover, genesis to revelation, then that means there is a right and wrong way to live and there ARE eternal consequences for our actions, people would have to stop doing whatever they want, admit they are wrong for how they live, work hard to live according to God’s ways and not whatever whim the culture of the day goes for.


But the only problem with that is ignorance and denial may bring a feeling of peace and relief temporarily but they wont actually change the truth. That’s the difference between God and his word vs the culture of this world, its un changing it doesnt morph to suit the needs of the people, its not designed to make you “feel good” , although the joy that comes from living in the truth, in knowing God, is better than any temporary happiness this world can ever muster. But I digress, if all creation is just that, creation, then there must be a creator. If God created everything then Genesis must be true, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” , but then that would mean that evolution is incorrect? YES, there is plenty of scientific evidence to back this up, and unlike their counterparts in the pro evolution camp they aren’t trying to suppress or cover up the information from the other side out of fear. Because at the root of all this we find 2 things, Pride and Fear…now Pride is something we have to deal with it, its that human nature that wants to be prideful and boastful thinking it somehow can or has done something incredible significant in this world/universe, then Fear, the great paralyzer, the antidote to fear is faith. Now these are connected in such a core way, think about it, if the Christians and all the pro creation or “anti evolution” folks are right, imagine what that would mean for everyone else who had been living as though they were wrong? On the other hand, if all the Pro Creation/Anti evolution and Christians are wrong, then what have we really lost? missed out on some fun maybe but thats about the worst of it, since after all there is no creator so if God isnt real there arent eternal consequences and they can go and start making up for lost time…think about it.


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Who me? I'm just a passionate and deliberate follower of Jesus Christ, I happen to also be a technology enthusiast with 10 years of experience in the IT Industry, I seek to find the direction God is leading me in life, I hope to someday find a place to fulfill the calling he has placed on my life for ministry, in the meantime this is my corner of the Web to share what he has done and is doing, good, bad and in between View all posts by leeyokum

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