What I Have Learned Of The True Meaning Of Following Christ

As a teenager I used to think following Christ was all about having a t shirt with the right saying on it for the right moment and going to church every Sunday and wed and almost every time the doors were open, or making sure I had my “quiet time” and “said my prayers” now as an adult…on the edge of becoming 28 soon, I realize, I get ME into more trouble, more adventures and more awkward moments than any of my peers ever could, and I have found that following Christ is about what goes on in my life, from my work ethic to the way I treat someone of another faith or ethnicity, it’s been about going into the woods and checking on that group of homeless people in the frigid cold to see if they needed anything even though all you could have provided was whatever you could afford to get them yourself, which meant maybe some cheap firewood or some cheap thermals from Wal-Mart.

It’s about the adventure of taking a trip, whether it be into town or around the world, to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with people because the thought of a place where God is not known and glorified is concerning. The thing is, most of what I have learned , not because i read a book, or prayed out loud at some prayer meeting, or spoke in tongues or prophesied or heard a really dynamic speaker deliver a captivating and inspiring sermon, but rather I have learned from the things God has done in my life, adventures in my times with ministries like Project 1 reaching the Homeless in the Douglas County/Douglasville area, or taking mission trips to Honduras with FrontLine Missions, or the time I spent in FTC (Fulfill The Call) ministry school, or the great debates and conversations I have had with my good friends Josh Garvey and Manny Badeau who were never afraid to disagree or present a different perspective on something. See those are the things that have shaped who I am and influence how I am, there is a lot both good and bad that has happened over the last few years, and I am really excited about what could possibly be to come, the adventures that await, because I know what I have already learned and experienced, and the thought that there is even more out there? I firmly believe life was meant to be an adventure, I have never been satisfied with the same ole thing, the 9 to 5 “the usual”, that’s far too plain and boring and uneventful for me and with where God will surely lead me in the years to come I sincerely doubt I will have to worry about anything being mundane or average




About leeyokum

Who me? I'm just a passionate and deliberate follower of Jesus Christ, I happen to also be a technology enthusiast with 10 years of experience in the IT Industry, I seek to find the direction God is leading me in life, I hope to someday find a place to fulfill the calling he has placed on my life for ministry, in the meantime this is my corner of the Web to share what he has done and is doing, good, bad and in between View all posts by leeyokum

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